Carolina Health and Humor Association 1986-2014
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Speakers Bureau, Humor for Healthcare, Stress Management for Business, Entertainment and Comedy Training
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Carolina Health & Humor is an educational organization with 27
years of dedication to promoting a healthy lifestyle through humor and creative endeavors. Carolina Health and Humor provides comedy entertainment, stress relief and humor training and programs in art therapy for business, healthcare, and the wider community.

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One of Carolina Health and Humor's many successful programs uses skilled volunteers to engage in "Humor Interventions" with the Laugh Mobile providing funny materials for patients and their families to use during their hospital stay. Carolina Health & Humor Association (aka: Carolina Ha Ha) was founded in 1986 by Ruth Hamilton, MA Ed.

Executive Director, Rog Bates and his staff of volunteers, design and assist in implementing humor programming for healthcare, education, charity, business and community groups.

"Carolina Ha Ha" is well known for
Humor Presentations for Education and Healthcare
Laughmobile Projects at Hospitals Throughout the Country
Duke University Medical Center Humor Project
Humor Presenter Certification
Stand Up Comedy Training
Healthcare Humor Volunteer Programs

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Carolina Health & Humor Association
Providing health through humor